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We are a local, Coeur d’ Alene based agency. We would love to help you and your family navigate ACA plans, Your Health Idaho, and all concerns related to your health insurance.

Support For You

Your Health Idaho is the state Exchange for Health Insurance. Our brokers are Your Health Idaho-certified Connectors. It does not cost you to have an agent.

Help is free.

It does not cost you anything to have an agent representing you, and your premium is not more expensive for having help. A broker is a free resource to you as a citizen of Idaho and health insurance shopper. We assist in selecting a plan, navigating tax credit evaluation, and advocating for you in the world of health insurance so you know you and your family are getting the best deal, with the least amount of stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many questions related to health insurance, the exchange (YOUR HEALTH IDAHO), and the process. Let’s look at a few common questions.

How do I apply for a Tax Credit?

To apply for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit, you have to enroll through Your Health Idaho. Our agents can help you navigate the entire process, from start to finish, or be there as much or as little as needed. All of our agents are Your Health Idaho Certified

I just moved here, where do I start?

Reach out to an agent! Make sure you acquire a coverage termination letter from your previous carrier or employer stating the ending date of you previous coverage. If you have already done some looking for health insurance online, great! Talk through the whole picture with your agent, and they will help you take the next best step for you and your family.

What is the best health insurance plan?

This is a question we get a lot, “Which is the best plan?” This is a loaded question that isn’t as simple sometimes as you’d think. Our team is committed to making those processes as seamless as possible for you, and helping you make the best decision for your family. we will help you make the decisions that matter most every step of the way.

What is the “Family Glitch”?

“When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in 2010, there was a provision that left about five million people in a category that became known as the Family Glitch. This group was unable to qualify for tax credits through the Healthcare Marketplace but couldn’t afford employer-sponsored family coverage either. Here’s what happened:
Individuals who were offered health insurance through their employer didn’t qualify for an Advance Premium Tax Credit through the Marketplace if their annual premium was deemed affordable, less than 9.61% (for 2022) of their total annual household income. The eligibility for family plans was also based on whether the employee-only premium was considered affordable. The result was that many family members were determined to be ineligible for tax credits but they had unaffordable employer-sponsored coverage as well.
Effective with the 2023 plan year, a new rule to fix the glitch bases the affordability determination for employer-sponsored health insurance on the cost to cover the employee and family members independently. If the annual premium for an employer-sponsored family plan is more than 9.12% (for 2023) of the total annual household income, the family or individual family members could now be eligible for premium tax credits on the Marketplace.” (Your Health Idaho)

Do I have to enroll through Your Health Idaho?

If you don’t qualify for the premium tax credit because you make too much, or you are offered insurance through your work, you can directly enroll in a plan through the carrier. We are contracted to work with all major insurance carriers in Idaho.

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